About Us

At Revolution Web & Mobile Marketing we’re dedicated to helping businesses use powerful new online and mobile marketing platforms such as video marketing, social media, mini-sites and blogs, to get visibility, traffic, leads, customers and raving fans.

We have a simple formula:

  1. Get you out there and get you found – We get you listed – and fast – on Google, YouTube, Google Places and dozens of other locations online
  2. Engage with your prospects on their turf – We enable you to reach out to prospects and customers where they spend time online: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, other social networks, or through blogs or podcasts
  3. Continue to engage and follow up with them – It’s 6-7 times easier to sell to an existing customer and so we systemise and automate this process – you can make money while you sleep!

We do all this by using the latest tools and know-how on behalf of your business. We spend the time keeping up to date on what’s changing online so you don’t have to.

Our objectives when working with you are:

  • To get started ASAP – By taking action quickly on the new online and mobile marketing platforms, we can produce results, in the form of more leads and customers, more quickly. This gives you greater competitive advantage
  • To build your program incrementally – We will tailor-make a package for you. We don’t try and push you in to everything at once. The advantage? By not doing everything at once, you can control costs by paying for it with new leads and customers
  • To integrate all the elements so they work most powerfully with each other —search engines, Google Places, video, social media, and mobile marketing
  • To do it with zero extra work on your part – By planning, executing and managing your online social media, video and mobile marketing program for you, your business reaps the benefits without spreading you and your staff too thin.

What’s different about us?

  • We Test, We Measure, We improve – We are obsessive with tracking and measuring whatever we do. Then we improve and optimise to get you the best results.
  • More customers and more profits not more costs – We don’t build expensive flashy websites that look good but do nothing else. Our sole focus is on getting you more customers.
  • An ongoing partnership not a quick buck – We know successful online marketing requires new and interesting content on an ongoing basis so we don’t promise you the earth, charge you a big fee up front and then “disappear into the night”, never to be seen again. We seek long term partnerships with our clients.

Who are we?

Revolution Web & Mobile Marketing was founded by David Deutsch and Glenn Thomas in early 2010 in Auckland, New Zealand. Both have backgrounds in their own offline small businesses. Then while working together on a separate online business they had founded, they began to wonder “How can we help other local business owners leverage the power of the internet to not only survive but prosper in the current tough economic times?” And so Revolution Web & Mobile Marketing was born. So named because the change from traditional media and marketing such as Newspapers, TV, Radio and Yellow Pages Ads, to Online and Mobile marketing is Revolutionising the way businesses owners attract and retain customers.

So don’t get left behind – Join the Revolution!

Want some proof that what we do actually works? Then watch the video below…

Hours of Operation:

  • Mon 9:00AM-5:00PM
  • Tue 9:00AM-5:00PM
  • Wed 9:00AM-5:00PM
  • Thu 9:00AM-5:00PM
  • Fri 9:00AM-5:00PM
  • Sat (Close)
  • Sun (Close)

Payment Accepted:

  • Cash, Paypal, Check, Invoice